From meal planning to planning your space, and everything in-between, get creative in your kitchen and allow that creativityΒ to spill over into the rest of your life.

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The kitchen is the part of the home in which the majority of people spend the majority of their time, therefore it is essential that the space not only works functionally, but is also uplifting and inspiring. Alongside these elements run the aspects of choosing kitchen equipment according to your budget; knowing what basic ingredients to keep in stock; how to meal plan to save yourself money, time and energy, whilst providing yourself and your family with healthy and nourishing meals, snacks, and foods for all occasions.


Cooking for Sanity: Creative Kitchen Consultants help clients with any or all of these elements through the services offered. I have a selection of meal planning consultation packages, ranging from basic, to put you on the right track with meal planning, to fully structured plans with follow-up sessions, for when you feel you’d benefit from further support to integrate your new approach to meal planning into your life. I also offer a range of kitchen overhaul packages which can help you get a better idea of the current functionality of your kitchen and how it could be altered to run more efficiently for you. I can assess all aspects of your kitchen, from the equipment you own, to the design of the space, including colours, surfaces, hardware, and dΓ©cor to create a plan to take you onward into a happier and more inspiring relationship with your kitchen.


As well as my services, the website showcases healthy and creative recipes; articles and inspiration to help you create your own ideal kitchen space; meal planning resources; a shop; and you can sign up to our newsletter which will keep you inspired with a plethora of kitchen-related inspiration, tips, and resources. Have a look around the site for further information on all our services, and get in touch via our contact details or through social media.

Think of the kitchen as an artist's studio. Food is the paint; oils, herbs and spices are the mediums; and utensils are the paintbrushes and palette knives. Yet the studio space needs to inspire the artist to bring forth their best work.

Samantha Nagtegaal

The Process

The following four elements are of equal importance when it comes to achieving your full creative potential in the kitchen. I can help you in any or all of these areas, just check out my services page to see the full range of options, or view Love Cooking for articles and advice in these areas.


Meal planning


Knowing your ingredients


Quality utensils


Inspiring space

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