Learning to love cooking

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meal plan and repurpose leftovers

Plan your meals to make the most of what you already have and reduce food waste. Create brand new and exciting lunches from your leftovers!Β 

Healthy and creative Recipes

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Make your kitchen your haven: the Cooking for Sanity philosophy

Here at Cooking for Sanity we are committed to empowering everyone to get into their kitchen, to make it a place in which they look forward to spending time, and release their innate creative abilities. We believe that cooking is something anybody can do, and if you don't think you can, we want to convince you otherwise.

Cooking is becoming a lost art, with so many people "not having time" to put together a simple meal each evening, and many frequently resorting to ready-meals and takeaways. Children are often unaware of the source of the food they eat, and take for granted the fact that it comes from the supermarket and is put away into the cupboards to be brought out when needed.

We want to help reset the trend by exciting you and your family about food through experimenting with a new ingredient or trying a new cooking method. We also want to empower children's tastebuds by throwing away the idea that certain foods are "not for children", allowing the whole family to be free to prepare and eat the greatest diversity of healthy and nutritious food possible, and have fun doing so!


Where do I start?

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