Meal Planning Packages

This set of options focuses on increasing and maintaining your confidence in the kitchen thorough meal planning and knowledge of recipe resources and ingredients, and how to use them, with an emphasis on budgeting and reducing food waste. The Meal Planning Session and Follow-up are available in person or online.

Meal Planning Session £130

This single session includes a comprehensive pre-consultation analysis of your household’s cooking and eating habits. This enables me to create an individually tailored session focussed on your specific needs. You will be introduced to an efficient and enjoyable meal planning method which saves money and reduces food waste, and we will explore recipe sources and how to introduce new recipes to your repertoire. You will be offered client-specific recommendations based on your pre-session questionnaire, enabling us to focus on your particular areas of difficulty.

Ideal for clients who: want to improve their household’s dietary habits; want to change to a different way of eating, eg. plant-based; have a food intolerance but are struggling to source appropriate recipes; are confident cooks but lack inspiration; or have minimal cooking knowledge and don’t know where to start!

Meal Planning Follow-up £60

An add-on session to the initial Meal Planning Workshop, this can be booked retrospectively if you feel you need more support after the initial session and a week or more of of creating your own meal plans. We will look in greater detail at the areas in which you are struggling most, whether it be continuing to find new recipes, or struggling to have the confidence to try unfamiliar ingredients, and will work together to increase your confidence, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Ingredients Insight £100

Starting a fresh approach to cooking is exciting, but can also be a challenge when you are unfamiliar with many ingredients. This workshop goes into detail on a range of basic and alternative ingredients, including where they can be sourced; in what sorts of recipes you might use them; how they can be used; and having the confidence to prepare and try unfamiliar ingredients. We’ll also look at new ways of using familiar ingredients. A great follow-on from the Meal Planning Workshop, this session will give you a confidence boost to start cooking new and exciting recipes through a greater knowledge of ingredients.

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