Meal Planning Packages

This set of options focuses on increasing and maintaining your confidence in the kitchen thorough meal planning and knowledge of recipe resources and how to use them, with an emphasis on budgeting and reducing food waste. The Basic Jumpstart and Recipe Resource Focus are available in person or online.

Basic jumpstart £59

This session includes an analysis of your current cooking and eating habits and how you’d like to improve them. We’ll discuss how you currently meal plan, then devise a new method which works for you, a set weekly time to create your plan, and how to use notebooks for your plans. We’ll explore recipe sources so that you feel confident of where to look for new ideas, and create a meal plan for the following two weeks. We’ll discuss basic cooking staples, to ensure you are always prepared to cook, and look to broadening your horizons with new ingredients.

Recipe resource focus £75

Includes the basic jumpstart package but with an extended focus on recipe resources. We’ll look in closer detail at how to source the best cookbooks for the food you want to make, from libraries to supermarkets, to discount bookshops. You’ll learn how to use online cooking resources efficiently, both for recipes and to increase your knowledge of ingredients. This will include dedicated cooking websites, blogs, Pinterest, and other online sources. We will set up the best way for you to store and access your recipes so you are motivated to use them.

Meal planning motivator £85

This package includes the Basic Jumpstart, with an accompanied shopping trip following the meal planning session. This option is particularly helpful if you find it hard to keep to your shopping list or meal plan ingredients. You will be helped to discern between additional purchases which really are helpful, and those you should steer clear of. We will focus on the best choices for your personal budget, and even which supermarket best provides for your needs in terms of value for money. If you prefer to shop online, this option can be tailored for that.

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