Cooking Courses

Check out the courses on offer below. All the courses are designed to empower you in your kitchen; increase your knowledge of ingredients; expand your cooking repertoire, and realise the joy of not being restricted only to foods you know, but the freedom to experiment and discover new and exciting ingredients and how to use them.

Breakfast courses

Breakfast Outside the Box

Do you feel that you need a healthier start to your day but don’t know where to begin? Take breakfast outside the box with this exciting, vibrant course and discover how you can incorporate all sorts of wonderful ingredients in exciting new ways, and bring joy to breakfast time!

Chocoholics Anonymous

Come and create three breakfasts with a deliciously chocolatey theme, including this delicious chocolate granola; a gooey, puddingy baked porridge, and some lovely, raspberry laced chocolate overnight oats. The best thing about this course is that every recipe is wonderfully healthy!

Fruity Focus

Fresh fruit is a great way to start the day, but had you considered adding fresh veggies to your breakfast too? This course focuses on adding fresh fruit and veggies to your breakfast bowl in new and creative ways, such as in this glorious bowl of persimmon nice-cream, helping you “eat the rainbow” every day!

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