Creative Kitchen Packages

These options are focused on empowering you reach your full creative potential in the kitchen, whether that involves simply assessing your current equipment and procuring better quality essentials to enable you to cook more confidently, to a full redesign of your kitchen space, and everything in between.

Utensils and Equipment

This package involves a full round-up of your current kitchen utensils and equipment, from small, hand-held tools such as knives and peelers, all the way up to counter top electrical appliances like food processors, to ovens. All items will be assessed for condition and functionality and recommendations made as to where to invest, and what equipment to add to your current selection. All recommendations will work in alignment with your personal budget, the amount of space you have to store items, and any further considerations personal to your situation. The aim is to equip you with tools that will make preparing food a pleasure.

Kitchen Assessment

This option focuses on working with what you have, making aesthetic and design improvements within your current space. We will assess how you currently use your kitchen, and how this could be improved by rearranging and decluttering. It may involve interior design and decoration, including full redecoration of your current kitchen space, or making smaller decorative changes, such as improving lighting; adding a tiled splashback, or painting your current cupboard doors. However large or small the changes, a fresh perspective can provide the impetus for a boost in creativity, and increased enjoyment of your kitchen.

Kitchen Redesign

If you are in the lucky position of being able to install a new kitchen, and are perhaps even considering building work to improve the space you currently have, a fresh pair of eyes can help you ensure you have taken everything into account. Buying a new kitchen is an expensive investment which you want to get right first time. I can work with you to design a beautiful kitchen in which you will want to spend time and which will inspire you to be creative. My involvement can be full, from start to finish, or it can be an advisory role, helping you to see and envisage options you might not previously have considered.

Since the Creative Kitchen Packages are bespoke, prices are quoted on an individual basis. Please click the buttons shown to request further information.

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