The services I offer are split into three categories: Meal Planning, Kitchen Assessment and Design, and Cooking Courses. Within each category is a selection of options from which you can mix and match according to your own personal requirements. Take a look at all the options below.


Meal Planning Packages

Tailored options to increase and maintain your confidence in the kitchen thorough meal planning; plan your meals to eat more healthily; knowledge of recipe resources and how to use them; emphasis on budgeting and reducing food waste.

Creative Kitchen Packages

Reach your full creative potential in the kitchen, whether that involves simply assessing your current equipment and procuring better quality essentials to enable you to cook more confidently, to a full redesign of your kitchen space, and everything in between.

Cooking Courses

All my courses are designed to empower you in your kitchen; increase your knowledge of ingredients; expand your cooking repertoire, and realise the freedom to experiment and discover new and exciting ingredients and how to use them.

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