Welcome to the recipes page. Here you’ll find an array of recipes created to help you expand your knowledge of ingredients, whilst using a range of simple to somewhat-more-challenging cooking techniques. Here at Cooking for Sanity, we want to build your cooking confidence by introducing you to new ideas which will fit easily into what you already do, and also to enable you to grow in your cooking capabilities. We champion traditional cooking techniques, such as baking bread and making pastry, whilst balancing those heavier foods with plenty of nourishing wholefoods, fruit and vegetables. Enjoy looking through the recipes and choosing what you’re going to make!



Inspire yourself to try something different for breakfast

Light Meals


Sesame tofu with Orangey-soy Dressing

Lighter meals, full of nourishment. Ideal for lunch.



More substantial dishes for everyday and special occasions

Healthy Treats


Healthy and delicious treats

Tasty Snacks


Wholesome snack ideas

Delicious Breads


Fill your house with the aroma of freshly-baked bread